Your Independence is Key

I do not want to create customers who depend on me for every little change they need to make to their website. That's why I focus on creating user friendly sites that allow easy maintenance.

Whether online or on-site(your home or business), I prefer teaching you how to update your websites. If your time is money, I can still take care of it.

Stellar Websites – Reasonable Rates

I am passion driven and I don't work with the intent of making the highest profit. I want to see happy and satisfied customers.

I want to meet your needs according to your means. Each customer is different and I will help you find the right balance between technology, your individual situation and your budget.

Payment in monthly installments is possible.

Responsive Websites for Mobile Users

Today, more and more traffic that hits your website consists of mobile users. You do not want to lose that business!

The Solution

The solution is a so called responsive website. A responsive website is a website that adjusts itself to the device used to view it. This means that content is optimized for the smaller screen sizes, which increases readability, usability and page loading speeds.

This website is responsive. Give it a try by decreasing your browser window and see what happens. Alternatively, you can visit the site using a smartphone or tablet.