Code for Designers

Let's Be Partners

You design, I develop!
Picture showing Shankar Poncelet

I write encouraging articles twice per month.They are for everyone.

I provide everything designers need.

My name is Shankar Poncelet and I am a developer who loves to work with designers, UX architects and artists. I understand the importance of good design. You understand design and user experience - I love to write clean and efficient code. Together we'll make a perfect team.

I will help you choose the right technology for your client's project.

I provide advice and bring your creations to life, exactly as you designed them! Whether you design with code or not - I am here to help!

I speak your language and I know your tools.

I get you! You care about kerning, you work with mood boards and love InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Typekit and Dribbble. Webflow and Sketch are your best friends, and you like to design with the end-user in mind. Need I say more?